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Portable Ultrasound Scanner for Multiple Applications

  • MSK

  • bladder

  • GYN

  • OB

  • thyroid

  • abdomen

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Rapid ultrasound imaging at your fingertips

How to choose the right Ultrasound Probe?

Our product line includes several models to meet your ultrasound imaging applications. The CLP6 model offers top-quality imaging with its 3-in-1 probe design, while the CLP5 model is a more cost-effective option.

For those who require convex imaging only, we offer the CC6 model.

For linear imaging, the CL6 model is the right choice.

If you require assistance in selecting the appropriate system for your needs, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Are the Ultrasound Probes medical approved?

All of our ultrasound probes are FDA 510(k), Health Canada, and CE cleared medical devices for both clinical and research purposes.

What's the clinical value of Ultrasound?

Our ultrasound systems offer clinical value in various applications, including MSK, Thyroid, Carotid, Abdomen, Bladder, FAST, OB, GYN, Superficial, and Vascular imaging, depending on the probe type.

If you require assistance in selecting the appropriate model for your applications, please contact us.

What do the number of elements in Ultrasound represent?

The elements are special crystal materials called piezoelectric. These materials produce sound waves when an electric field is applied to them.

The number of elements directly impacts the imaging quality obtained from the ultrasound device. More elements result in the production of a greater number of sound waves, leading to a higher-quality image. In essence, a higher element count contributes to an enhanced overall image clarity and detail.

Our CLP6, CC6, and CL6 ultrasound probes are equipped with 192 elements to deliver the highest imaging quality. In contrast, the CLP5 ultrasound probe features 128 elements, offering a more cost-effective solution while maintaining good imaging quality.

How long is the warranty for Ultrasound Probes?

We offer 18 months warranty for any issue stemming from the probe itself. Please contact us if you encounter any issue with the probe.

Do you provide other Ultrasound models?

If you require a Transvaginal Ultrasound probe or find that our current models do not meet your needs, please contact us with your specifications.